№7: Non-Fungible Token (NFT): Redefining the basketball collectibles and the original comic book art market | S1E2 | The 10 Minutes or Less Podcast with Dr. Tedi Villasor | + More!

February 22, 2021


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The highlight for this week is the second episode of The 10 Minutes or Less Podcast with Dr. Tedi Villasor where my special guest, Daryl, and I talk briefly about the impact of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the basketball collectible (ATM) and original comic book art market (Coming Soon).

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Non-Fungible Token (NFT): Redefining the basketball collectibles and (SOON!) the original comic book art market (The 10 Minutes or Less Podcast with Dr. Tedi Villasor)

Recorded on February 19, 2021, my podcast guest Daryl and I breakdown the NFT invasion among serious basketball collectors as well as what might be in store for the original comic book art community should they decided to dive into the digital market.

You can find the The 10 Minutes of Less Podcast at the top of the newsletter.

Happy 58th Birthday Michael Jeffrey Jordan!

One of my earliest basketball memories is watching the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan in Game 2 of the 1991 NBA Finals execute this right-hand (I’m about to dunk it…but decided at the last second to increase the degree of difficulty on this shot—because I can) to left-hand move over a sea of bewildered Los Angeles Laker defenders.

I can even remember where I was when I watched this game. Back in 1991, fans in the Philippines didn’t have the luxury of an NBA app or even a dedicated NBA Channel. During the 1990-1991 NBA regular season we had (maybe) a game or two, back-to-back, once-a-week (tape delay) on Chanel 7. By the time NBA Playoffs started in April, we would get selected games live (television stations choose the schedule of games—we didn’t have a choice). Come June, we were blessed with all the NBA Finals games—live.

Anyone who grew up in my generation loved Michael Jordan (even if they didn’t admit it). At the center of it all, was Jordan’s fiery competitive nature. That coupled with his basketball artistry brought the game of basketball to a global level. For many, Jordan’s approach has been the benchmark for success.

Not everyone can be “Like Mike,” but my greatest take away from his basketball career was that success (in whatever shape or form) comes with perseverance. It is a lesson that has served me well to this day.

Michael was 28 years old in the video below and recently turned 58 last February 17. Yes, it also hasn’t escaped me that I’ve been watching or involved in the game of basketball for more than 31 years.

That’s certainly a lot of basketball.

Happy Birthday, Mike!


During the summer of 2007, I was part of a Philippine delegation that went to Randers, Denmark for a month-long international camp. The delegation—along with representatives from 11 other countries—were pretty much isolated during that time and go-to recreational comforts like television were discourage while mobile devices and the internet weren’t as progressive or commonplace as it is today.

Part of our daily camp schedule involved cleaning and maintaining an assigned area like, say, the mess hall. As we cleaned, the only CD player in the whole camp would play a compilation disc (Yes, those were a thing back then.)—on repeat.

It was also the only disc on the premises.

Among the songs on that compilation disc were “Fascination” and “10.000 Nights” by a local Danish pop band called Alpha Beat. Later on, I would find out that these two songs were major chart toppers in Denmark and the United Kingdom.

It has been a couple of years since I’ve heard these songs—I actually forgot about them—but I happened to chance upon an email this past week that reminded me of Alpha Beat and my Denmark camp experience.

Below are the two tracks:

So, what did you think?

Catchy right?

Movie of the Week (MOTW)

Stargate (1994)

It’s been almost 27 years since I saw Stargate (1994) in the theater and after re-watching it again this week—I find that it is still able to hold its own to other movies in the science fiction genre.

In fact, it was the movie that immediately came to mind after watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull back in 2008. It’s seemed that was what this latest installment in the Indiana Jones franchise was going for—expect that Stargate did it better.

If you haven’t seen this one yet, then you’re missing out. Make time for it.

Stargate (1994) is on sale this week on iTunes Philippines.

Netflix Show of the Week (NetSOTW)

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (2021)

I’ve always been a big fan of crime fiction for some reason and the latest Netflix docu-series, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (2021) seems to have the makings of a captivating experience. Prior to watching the docu-series, I have never heard of the 700-room Cecil Hotel or its dark history.

But now, whenever I think about the Cecil Hotel, I am immediately reminded of that scene in Empire Strikes Back wherein Luke Skywalker entered the Cave of Evil.

The docu-series is certainly interesting and needs to be watched in its entirety before forming any judgement. ■


Tedi Gustilo Villasor, Ph.D. is a former columnist for Baby Magazine (Philippines) as well as a past contributor to NBA.com/Philippines. His other works include the indie comic books Lindol and OBIsessions.

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