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The Inspiration

Have you guys subscribed to Ed Brubaker’s (From the desk of Ed Brubaker) mailing list? If you’re into his stuff, you really should.

Brubaker (Captain America; the crime noir book Criminal; and—my favorite of the lot—Kill or Be Killed, etc.) is one of the industries foremost comic book writers to make use of the mailing list medium wherein he gets to puts out the online content that he wants to an equally interested audience.

That’s sort of the dream isn’t it?

Enter: Substack.com

Well, with the help of Substack.com platform, I hope to give subscribers similar updates on my latest collaborations, release dates, giveaways (yes! giveaways!), and by the last quarter of this year: The anticipated return of The Tedi31.com Podcast!

At the time of this writing, I have four comic book artists and writers lined up for interviews—so watch out for Pods in the near future.

Sold Out!

Although an unofficial count, I believe the posters of Lindol Issue #1, Issue #2, and Issue #3 along with OBIsessions Issue #1 are completely sold out!

The limited edition posters were promotional giveaways during the release of each book.

Were you lucky enough to pick them up?

Upcoming Releases

Lindol #5 (Projected release: Last Quarter 2019) - Dash and company have escaped their cells. Could The Klimcha be far behind? Issue #5 will feature covers by Lindol artist and co-creator Randy Valiente as well as Sir Gerry Alanguilan!

The Imperials #1 (Projected release: Last Quarter 2019) - July 4, 2011. The eyes of the world shifted towards the Philippines after a large meteorite containing Menelium crystals’ fractured and pelted the archipelago. Art by the talented Ron Escultura!

For more, visit lindolcomics.com and tedi31.com.

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