№24: Unboxing Something is Killing the Children and Department of Truth Comic Book Variants | Happy Father’s Day | A Bonafide Jose Rizal Action Figure

June 21, 2021

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Belated Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and grandfathers reading this! This week’s newsletter features my latest comic book unboxing video, a Father’s Day Battle Royal victory, and Jose Rizal’s very one action figure.

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Unboxing Video: Izzy’s Comics and Collectibles’ Something is Killing the Children and Department of Truth Comic Book Variants

It’s been almost six months and three months to the day since I put out an order for Izzy’s Comics and Collectibles’ Something is Killing the Children #14 (SIKATC group [ECGCE] and Izzy’s Comics and Collectibles Shared Exclusive) and Department of Truth #8 (Werther Dell'Edera Izzy’s Comics Exclusive Variant | Limited to 750 pieces) comic book exclusives. It was my first time to order from the Northport, Alabama based store and I was elated with how well they packed and shipped my books.

Check out the video below for more!

That Fortnite Battle Royale Moment (June 20, 2021)

For more than a year, my kid has been trying to convince me—with little success, mind you—to play Fortnite with him. After many false starts and playing gaps, I finally relented a few weeks ago and started to take the game more seriously.

Without going into excruciating detail: I stink. I don’t know what half the controls do and (for a time) what my trio was doing. Metaphorically speaking, I was the 12th man on a championship team that never seems to make it onto the playing floor. Except that my Fortnite character (with a Batman skin—could I have plastered an even bigger target on my back?) WAS playing. If that’s what you would to call it. Remember the movie Edge of Tomorrow (2014)? I probably died more times than Tom Cruise.

Anyway, my kid, some random OG online player, and I finally hit pay dirt and finished 1st in a Battle Royale!

On Father’s Day no less!

Now, if I just knew how to activate those default dance controls, I would have also joined both of them in an impromptu dance off.

Dr. Jose Rizal has an Action Figure?

Indeed he does!

In June 2021, Ayala Museum Shop launched the first of “a series of limited edition action figures in the likeness of Philippine history’s most inspiring figures.”

Collectors can also look forward to the accessories that come with each figure like the quill and copy of Noli Me Tangere that come with Dr. Rizal.

So don’t delay! Click here to avail of your very own Philippine National Hero action figure! ■


Tedi Gustilo Villasor, Ph.D. is a former columnist for Baby Magazine (Philippines) as well as a past contributor to NBA.com/Philippines. His other works include the indie comic books Lindol and OBIsessions.

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