Toy Review: NECA Aliens 30th Anniversary Rescuing Newt Deluxe Action Figure 2-Pack featuring Ellen Ripley and Rebecca “Newt” Jorden

August 21, 2020

The Preamble

With the focus of National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) on producing collectible action figures, accessories, and playsets based on their “films, video-games, sports, music, and television” licenses, collectors—for all intents and purposes—have never had it better.

I just wish that NECA would put more of a premium on completing a cast of characters rather than continually releasing different reiterations of the same figure over and other. I mean, how many Alan “Dutch” Schaefer’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger | Predator) or Xenomorphs do we really need?

Where is Mac? Dillon? Blain? Billy? Hawkins? and Poncho?

You get the idea.

Another step in the right direction

Back in 2016, NECA released a Rescuing Newt Deluxe Action Figure 2-Pack as part of the film’s 30th anniversary. It featured Ellen Ripley (sporting her famous M240 Incinerator Unit/M41A Pulse Rifle) and Rebecca “Newt” Jorden (which prior to this release was only available as a single-pack SDCC exclusive).

In the video, I may have harped too quickly on the figures inability to stand. Looking beyond the angle their respective legs and feet are—they stand up just fine…certainly a lot better than the Private Frost figure that was featured in my last post.


Tedi Villasor is—among many things—an indie comic book writer (Lindol, OBIsessions) based in the Philippines.

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